Foods for liver and some surprising functions of the liver

What is the liver?

Foods for liver and functuins of liver

As we know the liver is a largest and heaviest organ in the body. They find it in the upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity. It weighs 1-2.3 kg and is a reddish-brown color. The liver is made of cells called hepatocytes(hepat=liver,cytes=cells). The liver secretes bile, a substance needed to digest fat. Bile salt breakup fat into smaller pieces so it can absorb more easily in the now if you read this much you also need to know what is bile?

What is bile?

Bile is the greenish-yellow fluid(comprising the waste product, cholesterol, and bile salt) that is secreted by the liver cell.

Short information about foods for liver


 Best foods for liver and functions

1. Green tea

It helps this way

By drinking green tea daily. you can help your body flush out toxin and fat deposits. A 2002 study published in the international journal of obesity found that catching in tea help stimulates lipid catabolism in the liver. It turns to prevent accumulation in the liver. This healthy beverage also protects the liver from the damaging effect of a toxic substance like alcohol. Green tea also beneficial in treating or preventing liver diseases.According to the 2009 study who drink regularly. They have a lower risk of developing liver cancer.

Green tea –2-3 cups of green tea per day

2〉 Walnuts

It helps this way

The high amount of their amino acid arginine walnuts aid the liver in detoxifying ammonia. walnuts contain glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids. which aid the natural liver cleansing process. According to a 2008 study, which is published in the journal of agriculture and food chemistry. Walnuts polyphenols prevent liver damage induced by the carbon tetrachloride and d-galactose man.

Walnuts –7 walnuts per day

3. Avocados

It helps this way

Avocados contain potent chemicals that may reduce liver damage. According to a 2000 study by the American chemical society. These fruits are rich in glutathione. A compound required by the liver to cleanse harmful toxins and functions properly. Avocados contain many minerals, vitamins, and plant nutrient that support overall liver health and help breakdown fats. if you eat 1 to 2 avocados per week for a couple of months to help reverse liver damage.

Avocados-2-4 times per week at most

4. carrot

It helps this way

Carrot is rich in antioxidants. some vitamin, mineral and some dietary fiber.According to the national institute of nutrition, Jamia Osmania, Hyderabad, India. Conduct research by supplementing rats with carrot juice for eight weeks. So the result is carrot juice significantly reduces the DNA, triglycerides, MUFA.carrot can protect you from non-alcoholic fatty liver and liver toxicity.

Carrot –1 cup serving of chopped carrot

5. Grapefruit

It helps this way

This fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidant. The grapefruit is helpful for the liver it is a natural cleansing process. It also has a glutathione. A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and detoxifying the liver. Glutathione also helps in the detoxification heavy metals. Drink a small glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or Enjoy the fruit with your breakfast daily. But be careful if you in some medication first consult to your doctor to eat this fruit.

Grapefruit –Drink a cup of unsweetened grapefruit juice before breakfast, lunch, dinner.

6〉 onion

It helps this way

There are many key compounds in an onion that promote the health of the liver. Folic acid is essential for protein metabolism and the formation of a red blood cell. Liver disease is often accompanied by a lack of folic acid. It reduces the risk of a deficiency, it is very important to eat more folic acid. Adding a red onion to your salad or chopped onions to your hot dogs will increase your folic acid.

onion-80-120 grams daily does not improve cholesterol or blood sugar level in people with polycyclic ovary syndrome compared to eating a smaller amount of 20-30 grams daily.

7. Apple

IT helps this way

Apple is a very helpful fruit for the liver. Apples are a good source of pectin. A soluble fiber that helps remove a toxin from the digestive tract and cholesterol from the blood. In turn, preventing the liver from being overworked. All kind of apples is very helpful for the liver. However, for fast liver cleansing choose organic apples. Eat one organic apple or drink a glass of apple juice daily.

Apple –1 apple a day

8. Lemon

It helps this way

Lemon help detoxify the liver. Mainly because of the antioxidant D-limonene present in it.Which helps activate an enzyme that aid detoxification. My friend high amount of vitamin c and lemons helps your liver produces more enzymes to aid digestion. Lemon also boost mineral absorption by the liver. Make lemon water at home by adding the juice of a lemon to a jar of water. You can even add chopped lemon to it. Drink this water at regular Basic. If you add little honey it will be good.

Lemon –1/2-1 lemon per day


Lemon is a popular fruit that people use small qualities. This fruit good for our health. The article was written by Ware RDN LD

Additional info: –How can lemons benefits your health


9〉 Broccoli

It helps this way

Take support of the natural liver cleansing process by including broccoli in your diet. Broccoli is rich in glucosinolate. It helps other harmful toxins out of the body. Broccoli is rich in high fiber which helps improve the digestion process. It has fat-soluble vitamin E and important antioxidant for the liver to carry out of functions. Try to eat 1 cup of broccoli 3 times a week to keep your liver healthy.

Broccoli –1 cup,2-3 times per week

10〉 Sweet potato

It helps this way

My friend, first I have to say be a responsible drinker. Regular alcohol consumption can cause liver damage. Sweet potato may help with liver damage from excessive alcohol consumption. Anthocyanins in purple sweet potatoes are associated with improving liver damage from alcohol abuse.  According to the study with mice conducted by the NIC.

Sweet potatoes-baked sweet potato account for 8 percent of the recommended daily allowance

11〉 Garlic

It helps this way

Garlic is great for cleansing your liver. It helps active enzymes in the liver that help clear out the toxin. It also has two natural compounds called allicin and selenium.which aid the liver cleanse process and protect the liver from toxic damage. Try to eat 2 to 3 raw garlic cloves daily and include garlic in your cooking when possible. You can also take a garlic supplement but be careful after consulting your doctor.

Garlic –Dosages generally recommend for adult 4 g(2 to 3 clove raw garlic) daily

12〉 Beetroot

It helps this way

Beetroots are another food. It’ll help to cleanse and supporting liver functions. High in plant flavonoids and beta-carotene. They help stimulate and improve overall liver Beetroot is natural blood purifiers. You can make a powerful liver cleansing salad with 1 cup chopped or grated beetroot.

Beetroot –The juice does is equal to 2.4 ounces containing approximately 6 millions of inorganic nitrate.

13〉 Turmeric

It helps this way

is one of the most popular and effective liver cleansing food. It helps to improve the body’s ability to digest fats. The curcumin compound in turmeric induces the formation of a primary liver detoxification enzyme called glutathione s-transferase. It also helps regenerate damage liver cells.

Turmeric –Mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water and boils it. Drink twice daily for a couple of weeks. Try to include this spice in your daily cooking.

14〉 celery

It helps this way

It has detoxification properties work to remove bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses and other toxins from the liver. one type of phytonutrient found in green stalks also can have a protective effect.

           Celery –one cup containing about 30 percent of the recommended daily intake

15〉 kale

It helps this way

Kale is a well-known nutrient-dense green leafy vegetable around. It is like spinach, cabbage, broccoli. Kale helps to clean liver crucial because the overly toxic liver is bad for your heart and brain. It helps to keep liver cleanse with detox remedies to remove your liver impurities.


If you want to know more about kale read this article. this article is written by the Kris gunners.

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16〉 Tomatoes

It helps this way

juicy red tomatoes are good for your liver. It has plenty of antioxidants which reduces liver inflammation and injury and protect against liver cancer. Researchers injected carcinogens and a high-fat diet on lab rats. Then they feed the test group with tomatoes extract for six weeks. The rats that were feed tomato extract for a six-week show more resistance against liver damage. They had a low lipid and cholesterol level. This ensures that tomato should be consumed to cut the risk of liver damage.

Tomatoes – 1 glass of tomato juice per day,2-3 tomatoes per day

Some surprising Functions of the liver

Functions of liver

Now we are focused on some function of the liver.

1〉 Metabolic function of the liver

Carbohydrate metabolism when your blood glucose is low, the liver breaks down glycogen to glucose and when your blood glucose level is high, the liver converts glucose to glycogen and triglycerides for storage.

Lipid metabolism hepatocytes help to break down fatty acids to form ATP, synthesizes lipoproteins and cholesterol and uses cholesterol to make a bile salt.

protein metabolism hepatocytes dominated amino acids to form ammonia. Which is then converted too much less, which is excreted through urine?

2〉 Removal toxin

Deamination-Hepocytes dominates amino acid to form ammonia. Which is then converted to much less toxic urea, which is excreted through urine.

Excretion of bilirubin-Liver absorbs bilirubin from blood and secretes it into the blood. Which is then metabolized in the small intestine by bacteria and eliminated in feces?

3〉 Storage

In addition to glycogen and triglycerides, our liver is a prime storage site for a certain vitamin(A, B12, D, E, and K) and minerals(iron and copper).

4〉 Synthesis and secretion of bile

Hepatocytes synthesize cholesterol and use cholesterol to make bile salts. Bile salts are then used in the small intestine for emulsification and absorption of lipid. Adult humans produce 400-800mi of bile daily.


In this article, we try to share some helpful information about the liver. It mentions those foods in this article are not expensive or complicated. Anyone can buy these foods. My friend, you should take care of your liver and your health because both are working hard for you. So that’s why you have a responsibility to take care of them’ OK’.We hope you enjoy our post about the liver. Comments below if you have any question or comments.


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